Quality assurance poem…

Arbër Shabani
2 min readFeb 24, 2020
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This is for QA's
as I set the base
to make up these tests
and automate this phase

Testing the mobile
with java a while
as the tests keep passing
and they start too pile

This what I forgot
say Appium.. did not
I just messed it up
got your feelings shot

Cypress on the web
running on the tab
as tests start to pass
there is nothing red

The plugins are beset
some commands ain’t yet
as we write the logic
the automation is set

With Java and Selenium
start running Appium
as we check the cases
end up in Medium

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All the unique IDs
in the iOS piece
setting up the accessibility
to MobileBy with ease

Back to the JS
as we run Cypress
waiting up for the email
40 tries or less

Thank god we set up
test ids are up
same in all devices
that’s what I call luck

Double the progress
as we solved this mess
we just keep up testing
while returning tasks

The functionality is fine
the UI should incline
create another issue
if devs don't have time

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